Minnesota Vacation 2006 Days 1-2

This is what happens when you fall asleep on the bench by the beach for 4 hours... IMG_4309.JPG

By AARON TURNER Hill Billy Editor

GREY EAGLE--Sometimes outsiders don't fit in. That's not the case with Jennie Bever-Warnock's husband, Jason. A group of cousins and married-ins made the 12- to 14-hour journey from several points in mid-central Indiana to the glistening waters of Big Birch Lake in Minnesota. To say the group was anxious to begin the hijinx was an understatement. A drizzlin rain greeted the group upon arrival, but as soon as the skies parted and revealed just a hint of sunshine, the games began. Warnock brought his family's jetskis along, and promptly unloaded them into the water of the lake. The group was tired, to say the least, and Warnock, who drove the distance, was especially so. Being a gamer, though, he made the maiden voyage on the skis with cousin-in-law Todd Martin. The day was off to a slow start as Warnock and Martin made a trip together on one wave runner. The duo was stranded in the middle of Big Birch Lake, and Matt Bever came to the rescue. Martin, a rookie on the skis, couldn't remount after getting thrown, and rode solo back while Bever and Warnock, brothers-in-law, rode double back. That was enough for Warnock. Thirty hours of sleep deprivation found him falling asleep on the first solid item he came across -- a rustic bench overlooking Big Birch Lake with 2x6 slats for the bench. "If I can sleep on a cattle box in coveralls at the state fair grounds, I could sleep on anything." And he proved it. For four hours Warnock rested in the sun, his head slightly cocked on his left peck and his right hand covering his right. Four hours. In the sun. Direct sun. With reflected sun thrown upon him. "He's very fair skinned anyway," cousin-in-law Aaron Turner, who has the cutest baby in the history of the world, said. "I guess several people tried to wake him, but it didn't work." Martin said, "I pulled on his finger." "I pulled a towel out from underhim," Warnock's brother-in-law Marc Bever said. But on he slept through four hours of late morning and mid-day sun. When he finally awoke from his Rip-Van-Winkle-like slumber, the damage was done. It's not enough that he's an in-law, but he was also the funniest looking of the bunch, complete with red face, chest, belly, legs, feet, back and shoulders. For the first two days, Warnock was the receiver of many jokes. Jokes like: "Uncle John (the family's uncle) called, he wants his Redman back," coined by Matt Bever. "Red Lobster called, they want their mascot back." Bever also wore a red tanktop, bright red, and if it weren't the "Pirate's Cove" logo, the two could have been twins. So, sometimes it's tough being an in-law, but Warnock's done just fine. As long as he keeps doing stupid stuff like taking a four hour nap in the sun, he'll be just fine. If you notice in the picture, Warnock's wife is pointing, and if one's not mistaken, laughing









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