Minnesota Vacation 2006 - Day 3

Make sure you continue reading below. By special assignment to MarcBever.com, we have the Wabash Plain Dealer's Sports Editor, and my cousin, Aaron Turner contributing to this post while he's on vacation. Make sure you also read the post showing the pictures from Days 1-2 to read Aaron's recap of Jason's sunburn. Also, read the previous post to check out the makes of "All Hands on Deck." If you enjoy Aaron's contributions to these posts, please comment so we can make sure they continue. IMG_0526.JPG






Me, Todd, Matt, Aaron, and Jason jumping into the lake after sitting in the sauna. Below the picture to find Aaron's story of what transpired. IMG_4430.JPG

By Aaron Turner Hill Billy Editor

GREY EAGLE-- "It felt like a sauna in there," muttered Matt Bever, who carefully built the roaring fire inside the pot-bellied castiron stove. It used to be a minnow house, may years ago, but some 1x8 tongue-and-groove barn siding, mixed with memory graffiti from years gone by, now houses the sauna. "I really wasn't sure what I was in for," said Aaron Turner, of Roann, Ind. "I thought, 'How hot can it actually get?' "The answer soon became obvious -- blistering hot." The process, one assumes, is as old as the sauna at Lafayette Resort itself. What better way to cool down from a nice sweat than a dip in Big Birch Lake, just a 20-yard sprint away. The routine started out with tempers flaring hotter than the fire itself. Sean, Turner's 6-year-old stepson, was a bit rambunctious in the close confines of roughly 8x10 building. The hotspots, so it seemed, was the upper level of the platformed sitting area. For the first go-round, Matt Bever, Todd Martin and Jason Warnock all chose the upper level. "I didn't know if I was going to sweat," Martin said. Soon, though, Turner realized that the gods of sweat weren't smiling on him like they were Bever, Martin and Warnock. So he switched with Bever the younger, Andrews, Ind., and soon became a shining figure much like the others. After nearly five minutes, and an exit from Sean, the group made the dash to seemingly frosty waters of Big Birch Lake. After a brief lake-water bath, the crew returned to the sauna, where again Bever said, "It feels like a sauna in here," quoting Seinfeld because his own reservoir of wit was empty. The routine was repeated three times before finally calling it quits. The group did find out that amid the heat, one's breath feels like fire. "Todd blew on me, and it felt like fire," Marc Bever, of Mitchell, Ind., said. "It was just weird how that worked. "Even if you blew on your own hand, it was really hot." As a thundershow set in, the group retired after the final trip to the lake, noting that while lightning is exciting, it's also a touch dangerous. After getting rained on for the short sprint back to the lake house, which the group is calling home for the week, most went on their respective ways. Marc began his websiting, Matt went to work on his book, The Partner, by John Grisham he started earlier in the day, Martin, of Claypool, Ind., played cards, Turner wrestled with the cutest baby in the history of the world, while Warnock, the most lightest complected of the group, took a vinegar bath as he is still trying to cope with a sunburn attained on the first day at Grey Eagle. "Don't fall asleep by the water for four hours the first day you're here," Warnock, of North Manchester, said. "It's still early," Matt Bever said. "We'll be back in there."