Ryan James - I pray for you my friend

another good artist. I need to buy this CD too. Here's a clip of one of his songs that I like: listen

and the lyrics:

12} I PRAY FOR YOU MY FRIEND Written by Ryan James/Jarrod Medulla © 2005 Hightail Publishing (BMI)

CHORUS: I pray for you my friend And the road that lies ahead May you always find Your back to the wind I pray for you my friend

There'll be days when you get lonely And nights that never seem to end When that time comes know in your heart That I'll pray for you my friend


This old world is filled with danger And the path is not always clear There will be choices you make that you might regret I hope you know I'll always be near


I don't have very much to offer But you'll always have a place inside my heart If you ever find yourself where you don't want to be I'll never be too far