A lot going on here

It's the month of May, so I'll be at the track every chance I can get. Last weekend I got to hang out in the pits during qualifying. Good times.

Also worked on something while I was up in Indy. Hopefully soon I'll be able to announce what that is.

The Northfield Alumni Forums are officially open, so the word is starting to spread. Basically I just want a place where everyone could come (for free) instead of having to pay to see stuff at places like classmates.com. If we get most of our classmates registered at the site, it'll be a big benefit in planning class reunions in the future.

My only other news is it looks like I will be losing my job because of BRAC. Really not that big of deal to me. I'll find something else. It won't become official that we are losing jobs at Crane until the end of the year, then it could be anytime between 2006 and 2011 or so when my job would actually go away.