I'm back

I'm back home after a few days off. Some highlights of my time off: Leaving when there's no snow in Mitchell, Mitchell getting 20"+ of snow, but it all melting by the time I arrive back home. Matt and Neil doing snow angels in just their shorts and boots at night when it was probably around 6 degrees outside. Going to Christmas Eve Service when it was -14 degrees. Spilling the Communion crackers during the Christmas Eve service. Making a snowman that was at least 8.5 ft tall. Waking up at 1:30 am to help Dad fix a broken pipe in the well when it was 40 degrees outside (4 days after it had been -14 degrees). And once again running around the house barefooted with my cousins to bring in the new year (eventhough the wife, finance, and girlfriend who were there didn't join in on the fun )