I love a rainy night

Well, today started out really nice eventhough it was a little overcast, it was very warm, but now it has started to rain. I am still able to have all the windows open, so that is nice.Some of the flowers that Cheryl the Trout has planted when she lived here are starting to bloom. This is a view of some of them out the bay window in my computer room. first flowers.JPG Just finished watching Cup qualifying at Bristol. Man, 21 poles now for Newman. It's just unbelievable how fast he qualifies. I think my cousin Todd should be arriving sometime today for the weekend's race there. Tomorrow is the first race of the seaon at Brownstown Speedway. I've never been to Brownstown, but if the weather holds up, I think I might head over there. They are running Late Models, Bombers, Indiana Super Stocks, and UMP Modifieds.