Da Game

T'was the opening minutes of the Indiana-Duke game, 
When in walked a very beautiful dame.

She caught Meek's attention and he missed his shot,
Bobby Knight was mad, so he threw him in the pot. 

To punish him the coach whipped that Meeks,
Poor Jamal had burnt cheeks.

At the end of the half, it was 50-2, 
Duke was down by quite a few.

From the locker room came Indiana rarin' to go, 
But Duke had sunk down in their jerseys pretty low.

Duke shot the ball, Henderson came down with it,
So Duke switched to defense after having a fit. 

Laetner was fouled while falling down, 
While getting up he stomped the other guy to the ground.

A tech as called, Laetner started to cry,
He was sent to the bench, he thought he'd die. 

Bailey stepped to the line and let the ball fly,  
Swish went the net, my, oh my!

Twice in a row, Bailey was hot
Duke prayed for luck, they needed a lot.

But the Hurrin' Hoosiers were on the run,
Duke realized this game could not be won.

At the end of the game, IU was ahead,
Which sent Duke crying to their beds.