Pictures/Tyler's Graduation

Getting ready to leave Sunday morning after going to Uncle Blake's for Tyler's Graduation Party. The Gang Originally uploaded by Marc Bever.

Here are some pictures from Tyler's Graduation Party (photos from Mom, Aunt Linda, and a few by me)

  • Tyler's Graduation Party (June 2006)  Here are some other photo albums that I hadn't created until yesterday:
  • Smoking Some Pork and Chicken (March 2006)
  • National Farm Toy Show (November 2005)
  • Grandpa Bever's (October 2005)
  • Labor Day Fireworks in Indy (September 2005)
  • Craftsman Truck Race at IRP (August 2005)
  • July 2005 including Aaron's Wedding
  • Rude Reunion - Grand Targhee and Yellowstone (June 2005) 

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