Check out Andy Neale's New Band - Falling Awake

From an email from Andy: My band has finally gotten some great stuff to push us off the ground here in Nashville. We are hoping to be one of the first HUGE rock acts to break the silence and the country stereotype in the music city. Please go to our web page and let me know what you think. There are pics and songs on it so, please indulge. Some of the songs are our latest and we just finished recording with Mark Slaughter as our producer....he was the lead singer in the band slaughter in the 80s....platinum records and such!!! We are extremely blessed to have him on our side. I hope to hear feed back from many of you. God's blessing on all and I hope you are all doing well. Visit

Andy Neale

Falling Awake fallingawake.jpg

So check them out and spread the word!