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The Man in the Middle: Building a Regional Music Market: The Texas Model For those of you who have been living under a rock, there's something brewing down in Texas. Actually, it has been for quite some time. It started when Willie grew his hair, rolled his own, moved back to Austin, and brought Waylon with him. It's a revolution- its artists who turn their back on the establishment, and succeed not in spite of it, but because of it. It's a regional country music market where unsigned bands place a higher premium on their music and fans than they do on their money and the size of your heart matters more than the size of your home. And the coolest thing of all- these guys are making a living doing what they love, on their own terms. Fast forward a few decades and the legacy of the men who started it all is being carried on through guys like Pat Green, Jack Ingram, Cory Morrow, Jason Boland, Reckless Kelly, and Cross Canadian Ragweed (although from Oklahoma, it's the Texas market they're working).