Puerco Pibil from Once Upon a Time In Mexico

I'm on a Robert Rodriguez kick this weekend and have watched the whole El Mariachi "Trilogy" (El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time In Mexico) In Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Johnny Depp's character always orders the same dish in every "dive" he goes to.

"El, you really must try this because it's puerco pibil. It's a slow-roasted pork, nothing fancy. It just happens to be my favorite, and I order it with a tequila and lime in every dive I go to in this country. And honestly, that is the best it's ever been anywhere. In fact, it's too good. It's so good that when I'm finished, I'll pay my check, walk straight into the kitchen and shoot the cook. Because that's what I do. I restore the balance to this country. And that is what I would like from you right now. Help keep the balance by pulling the trigger. "

One of the extra features on the DVD is Robert Rodriguez's "10 Minute Cooking School" where he gives the recipe to Puerco Pibil. If I can ever find all the ingredients, I'll have to try it.

Read on for the recipe.

5 tbsp of annatto seeds 2 tsp of cumin seed 1 tbsp of pepper 8 all-spice half a tsp of cloves

Grind all that together into a fine powder using a coffee grinder (purchase separate coffee grinder for spices, DON